Terms of Service

Complete Feedback (completefeedback.com) describes how it works and under which terms it can be used. Our terms of service document aims to be simple to read and easy to understand. These terms are subject to change, so it makes sense to check before you are going to use the application.

What is Complete Feedback?

Complete Feedback is a collection of easy to use tools that aim to provide value to your business needs.

Do I have to agree to use them?

Yes, all the terms and conditions have to be strictly complied with. If you do not accept the terms and conditions, do not use the applications and the website.

Who can use Complete Feedback?

You must be at your legal age to use the website and the tools.

Can I use it for any purpose?

No. You are only allowed to use it for legal things or better say, you can not use it for anything illegal. We are extremely strict on this and WILL delete your account and all your information if we find anything illegal that might harm the platform.

Who is liable in case things go wrong?

The service is provided as is, without any type of guarantee or liability. We will not be responsible in any type of loss that might come as a result of using our services. You (as the user) agree to not take legal action in any type of form including but not limited to court or arbitration. Off course we will try everything to prevent bad things from happening. In the end, we are also human and we might fail - even with the best intentions.

This did not work for me, can I get a refund?

Yes off course. If we fail to deliver on our promises, we absolutely want to refund the money you have paid without hassle. We might ask a few questions on what did not work for you and how it can be improved though.