Customer Feedback Software for Restaurants

Collect feedback from your guests and display selected reviews.

Frequently asked questions about QR Codes in Restaurants


What are the benefits of collecting feedback in restaurants?


What are the benefits of using QR Codes in restaurants?


Where are the best places to use QR Codes in restaurants?


Why are customers more likely to interact with a QR code to provide feedback rather than other methods like paper forms, social media or email?

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Measure restaurant performance

Quickly identify which how your restaurant performs by measuring customer satisfaction.

Instant e-mail notifications

Get notified immediately

Once a response from the restaurant has been received, it will be forwarded to the appropriate contacts immediately.

Collect customer feedback

Use QR Codes anywhere

QR Codes can be used anywhere in an around the restaurant, on tables, menus and anywhere you can imagine. Do not limit your imagination.

Publish selected customer reviews

Show how good your restaurants are performing

Display your reviews to your customers. A simple scan allows your customers to see selected reviews about your business.

See where your customers are

See where the reviews were given

Find out on which route your customers provide feedback.

Responsive design

No special software required

It works on every computer, every tablet and every phone. No special software required, a simple QR Code scan is enough.

Assign internal IDs

Segment cabs easily

Add ids to your QR Codes so that you know which feedback is about which cab or driver. Every QR Code can be embedded with special identification.

Custom API integration

Use with your existing system

We offer custom API integration solutions for your business. If you already have an up and running system, we will work with you to make the systems work together. Please ask us about the details.