Privacy Policy

Complete Feedback ( describes how your data is collected, stored and used. Our privacy policy document aims to be simple to read and easy to understand.

Is your connection secure?

Yes, all of our website and tools use and also recommend the use of SSL technology.

What information do we process?

Information entered into the tools can be processed and stored as it is.

Why do we need the entered data?

Without the data, the applications do not work. We need the data for this reason.

How long do you keep the data for the applications?

The data is kept until it is being deleted by you. Once a piece of information is removed from our system it will be permanently removed in a reasonably short amount of time.

Do you use any type of analytics?

Yes we do use Posthog to collect and measure usage and we do use privacy friendly Plausible Analytics. As long as the opposite is not mentioned, all applications are used with the least possible privacy invasive settings that allow us to provide you with the service and customer support. Detailed information on how the analytics application gather data can be found here (opens in new window):

Is deleted data removed from the application immediately?

Deleted data disappears from your applications but is kept in the system for a bit longer. Example: You delete a customer review. The review is removed immediately from your tools and kept in the system for a short amount of time - so that you can recover it in an accidental case. This is also known as "soft delete".

Can deleted data be recoved?

Yes - if you request it within a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise it will be purged from the system. Recover possible: You accidentally deleted a contact from your application. You quickly send an e-mail and ask that the data is restored. The data is restored. Recover not possible: You accidentally deleted a contact from your application. You send an e-mail after 1 month and ask that the data is restored. The data can not be restored anymore.

Can I request the complete removal of all my data?

Yes you can. If you request a deletion of all your data we will process this request. All data will be irrevocably deleted. After this step the system would treat you like a new user if you would be signing up again.

I have further questions, can you answer them?

Off course! Drop us an e-mail and we will be happy to help!