Feedback collection and review management system

Collect feedback from customers and display selected reviews.

Get feedback from anywhere

Customers can provide feedback using a QR Code. The QR Code can be used on digital Signage, a poster in store, on product packaging, on a website or even via social media. Allow customers to provide feedback on the spot or later by scanning the code. Make it easy to provide feedback from anywhere.


Instant e-mail notifications

Get notifications in real-time!

Once your customers send responses, you are notified immediately! See right away when there is a problem. Automatically notify the right people should be notified immediately. Decide who will receive a notification.

Upload your own logo

Use your own branding

Beautiful, professional, simple and easy to use. Your brand will be displayed as the survey is being taken, assuring the customer that they are seeing information from you and not a third party survey agency.

Publish selected reviews

Showcase reviews with a QR Code

Display your reviews in a cool way with this feature. You can choose from all of the reviews you received, and with a simple QR Code scan, customers can read what other people have to say about your business.